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Personnel Platforms

Electric Scissor Platforms

Manitou Personnel Platforms Manitou Electric Scissor Platforms
80 VJR - 100 VJR - 90 V'Air 78 SEC - 100 SEC - 120 SE

Diesel Scissor Platforms

Manitou Diesel Scissor Platforms
100 SC - 120 SC - 140 SC

Diesel Articulated Platforms

Electric Articulated Platforms

Manitou Diesel Articulated Platforms Manitou Electric Articulated Platform
160 ATJ - 160 ATJ+ - 180 ATJ 120 AETJ-C - 150 AETJ-C - 170 AETJ-L
200 ATJ - Man-Go 12

Bi-Energy Articulated Platforms

Diesel Telescopic Platforms

Manitou Bi-Energy Articulated Platforms Manitou Diesel Telescopic Platforms
150 AETJ-L Bi-Energy - 170 AETJ-L Bi-Energy 260 TJ - 280 TJ


View our handy Manitou comparison tables to help you choose which machine is best for you.

Our relationship with Manitou

We have been working with Manitou since 2001.

Our customers appreciate the high specifications and the reliability of this brand and since we started supplying Manitou machines, we have found that once customers try them, they frequently come back for more.

How our partnership with Manitou can help you

The partnership that we have with Manitou can benefit our customers in a number of ways, including:

• The sourcing of machines

We are able to source the exact machines required at the right specification

• Links straight to the manufacturer

We have built strong relationships with Manitou and can offer the best quality aftermarket support

• Support from both AJ Access and Manitou if required

We offer support on breakdowns, repairs, spares, SMA’s and LOLERs

• Parts supply for all Manitou products

We offer extensive parts for all Manitou machines

• Machine stock held on site for fast dispatch

This allows us to respond quickly and effectively to customer requests

Key benefits of Manitou machines

• The machines boast a solid build which is suitable to all types of application, including construction sites

• High specifications, including continuous rotation, 4x4x4 wheel drive/steer, oscillating axles, generators and secondary guarding

• Great outreach

• Flexible manoeuvrability options

• Easy to use, built in diagnostics tools

• Robust cages with double rails for operator protection which come in either galvanised or powder coated grey for improved long term aesthetics

• Tool tray and control box covers as standard

• Tuck under jib and platform on larger models, for most cost effective shipping and safer loading

What applications are Manitou machines suitable for?

The Manitou diesel booms are suitable for all types of construction and rough terrain work. Whereas electric and bi-energy machines, are better suited to indoor applications, such as factories, warehouses, showrooms and shopping centres, to name a few.

What types of Manitou machines are available?

• Diesel articulated and telescopic booms from 12-28m

• Narrow and standard width electric and bi-energy articulated booms from 12-16m

• Mast lifts from 8-10m, which can be used both indoors and outdoors

Manitou machines for sale:

100VJR (Mast Lift)

120AETJC 3D (electric narrow articulated boom)

150AETJ (electric articulated boom)

170AETJ (electric articulated boom)

150AETJ-L (Bi-energy articulated boom)

170AETJ-L (Bi-energy articulated boom)

ManGo12 (Lightweight diesel articulated boom)

160ATJ (Diesel articulated boom)

160ATJ+ (Diesel articulated boom with extra lift capacity)

180ATJ (Diesel articulated boom)

200ATJ (Diesel articulated boom)

220TJ (Diesel telescopic boom)

220TJ+ (Diesel telescopic boom with extra lift capacity)

260TJ (Diesel telescopic boom)

260TJ+ (Diesel telescopic boom with extra lift capacity)

280TJ (Diesel telescopic boom)