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Niftylift Access Platforms

Trailer Mounted Platforms 


Self Drive Access Platforms

Niftylift Trailer Mounted Access Platforms   Niftylift Self Drive Access Platforms
Nifty 120 - Nifty 120T - Nifty 150T Nifty SD120T - Nifty SD170 4x4
Nifty 170 - Nifty 210 Nifty SD210 4x4x4

Self Propelled Articulated Platforms

Niftylift Self Propelled Articulated Platforms
HR12N - HR12 4x4 - HR15N - HR15 4x4
HR17N - HR17 4x4 - HR21 2x4 - HR21 4x4
HR21 Hybrid - HR28 Hybrid

Track Drive Access Platforms

Static Base Access Platform

Niftylift Track Drive Access Platform Niftylift Static Base Access Platform
TD120T - TD150T DR15

Key benefits of NiftyLift machines

  • The machines boast a solid build whilst being compact and light weight. This means the booms are suitable to a wide range of challenging environments, including construction sites
  • High specifications, including Hybrid technology, 4x4 drive, multiple power source options, environmentally conscious emissions, generators, SIOPS secondary guarding and ToughCage options.
  • Great outreach and height verses low overall weight
  • 2WD and 4WD options available with a variety of tyre options including Rough Terrain, Non marking and Turf tyres
  • Easy and intuitive to use
  • Robust cages with segmental replacement of base and rails, offering a unique and cheap option for cage repairs
  • Light weight machines for easy and versatile loading configurations

How our partnership with NiftyLift can help you

The partnership that we have with NiftyLift benefits our customer because we can:

  • Offer the exact machines required at the right specification
  • Work directly with the manufacturer to secure the best lead times and pricing
  • Offer the best quality aftermarket support due to our in-house team of experienced engineers
  • Utilise the strong relationships we have built with NiftyLift and have an in-house team of extremely experienced engineers enabling AJ Access to offer support from both AJ Access and NiftyLift, as required
  • Provide support on breakdowns, repairs, spares, SMA’s and LOLERs
  • Supply parts for all NiftyLift products
  • Respond quickly and effectively to your requests as Machine stock is forward ordered for fast dispatch and improved lead times


Our relationship with NiftyLift

We have worked with NiftyLift since 1993 and during that time, we have been able to provide our customers with machines ranging from the smallest 120T Trailer mounted boom, to their largest and very popular HR28m Boom.

Our customers appreciate the compact and lightweight nature of the Nifty articulated boom range, which offer a great performance and superb reliability. NiftyLift are renowned for their innovative products and environmental consciousness.

Niftylift and the environment

We are proud to work with Niftylift as a manufacturer that takes seriously the environmental impact of their products and company.

  • The design of their access platforms is considerate of their emissions and the use of hybrid engines, helps to reduce fuel consumption and lower carbon emissions
    • The catalytic/particle exhaust filters reduce carbon monoxide and particulates that are released during operation
    • Low weight designs of the machines also help to reduce carbon emissions by making them more efficient and this also helps to reduce transportation costs.
    • The use of tier 4 engines further reduces the carbon emissions

The company is also committed to reducing their environmental impact through recycling, reusing and disposing of waste responsibly.

What applications are NiftyLift machines suitable for?

The NiftyLift articulated booms and trailers are suitable for all types of applications. With options available for electric and bi-energy machines, NiftyLift can cover all work from indoor applications, such as factories, warehouses, showrooms and shopping centres to light weight external industrial applications and also traditional construction work.

What types of NiftyLift machines are available?

  • Trailer mounted articulated booms from 12-21m
  • Narrow and standard width electric and bi-energy articulated booms from 12-28m
  • 4WD articulated diesel booms from 12-28m

NiftyLift machines for sale:

Nifty 120M (Trailer mounted boom with manual outriggers)

Nifty 120T (Trailer mounted boom with hydraulic outriggers)

Nifty 150T (Trailer mounted boom with hydraulic outriggers)

Nifty 170 (Trailer mounted boom with hydraulic outriggers)

Nifty 210 (Trailer mounted boom with hydraulic outriggers)

Nifty HR12NE (Narrow electric articulated boom with power options)

Nifty HR12D 4x4 (Diesel articulated boom)

Nifty HR15NE (Narrow electric articulated boom with power options)

Nifty HR15D 4x4 (Diesel articulated boom)

Nifty HR15 Hybrid 4x4 (Hybrid power articulated boom)

Nifty HR17NE (Narrow electric articulated boom with power options)

Nifty HR17D 4x4 (Diesel articulated boom)

Nifty HR17 Hybrid 4x4 (Hybrid power articulated boom)

Nifty HR17E 2x4 (Electric power articulated boom with power options)

Nifty HR21D 4x4 (Diesel articulated boom)

Nifty HR21 Hybrid 4x4 (Hybrid power articulated boom)

Nifty HR28D 4x4 (Diesel articulated boom)

Nifty HR28 Hybrid 4x4 (Hybrid power articulated boom)

Nifty SD120T 4x4 (Self-drive 12m articulated boom)

Nifty SD170 4x4 (Self-drive 17m articulated boom)

Nifty SD210 4x4 (Self-drive 21m articulated boom)

Nifty TD120T (tracked 12m articulated boom)

Nifty TD150T (tracked 12m articulated boom)