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Skyjack began manufacturing scissor lift work platforms in 1986. Quality and reliability are the hallmarks that have given Skyjack a solid reputation as one of the best manufacturers of scissor lifts in the world. Products include compacts, mid size & full size RT’s and conventionals.

Vertical Mast Lifts

Vertical Mast Lifts
SJ12 - SJ16

DC Electric Scissors

Rough Terrain Scissors

SkyJack Electric Scissors SkyJack Rough Terrain Scissors
SJIII 3215 - SJIII 3219 - SJIII 3220            SJ 6826RT - SJ 6832RT - SJ 6832RTE 
SJIII 3226 - SJIII 4626 SJ 8831RT - SJ 8841RT
 SJIII 4632 - SJIII 4740 SJ 9250RT - SJ 9241RT

Articulated Platforms

Telescopic Platforms

SkyJack Articulating Platforms SkyJack Telescopic Platforms
SJ 30ARJE - SJ 46AJ - SJ 51AJ SJ 45T - SJ 66T - SJ 86T
SJ 63AJ - SJ 85AJ