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AJ Access Platforms were excited to be able to demonstrate our skills in giving a used machine a new lease of life. After many years of providing Christ’s Hospital in Horsham with the security of our Service Maintenance Agreements, and satisfying all their training requirements, they asked us to refurbish their Scanlift SL240.

Christ’s Hospital is a charity based independent boarding school. It prides itself on being able to give clever children from poorer backrounds the chance to have a better education. So we were pleased to undertake this task for them.

In a 3 week period we completely stripped the machine, brought it back to near new condition mechanically and then our paint shop sandblasted and repainted the machine back to the original livery. The machine was then re-decalled and PDI’d ready for delivery to Christ’s Hospital.

If you are interested in AJ Access Platforms Ltd giving your machine a new lease of life please contact our Service Department direct on 01291 421155 Or email us on