Deskglider™ Access Platform

The only platform you need to achieve safe, above desk access

What is the Deskglider?

The Deskglider is an easy to use access platform, which can be used to gain access over desks, benches and tables.

Why was the Deskglider™ Created?

The Deskglider was created to provide a solution to the industry wide issue of how to work safely above desks, tables and benches, whilst ensuring compliance with the Work At Height Regulations.

How Does the Deskglider™ Work?

Manufactured in lightweight aluminium, the Deskglider is height adjustable, with a maximum reach height of 4.00m and a 900mm outreach. This allows an easy working reach of 1300mm and it simply glides over the desk top, making access easy and more importantly safe.

Along with safe access over desks, the Deskglider can also be used as a freestanding access tower making it a highly versatile and compact dual purpose work platform for a variety of work at height tasks.

Benefits of the Deskglider™ Access Platform

  • A small working footprint means it can be used in corridors and confined spaces
  • Narrow width means that it is designed to fit through standard doorways
  • 360° degree swivel brake castors offer sideways movement, which can be useful in congested areas
  • The desk does not need to be cleared of contents and wires, which saves time and hassle for the desk user
  • It is easy to use and adjust to the required height
  • Work can be undertaken in office hours, saving time and money
  • The Deskglider can be used in place of stepladders, as a safer and easier to use alternative
  • Risk of falling is eliminated compared to a step ladder and achieving compliance with the Working at Height Regulations is easier
  • Due to the lightweight nature of the machine, it can be used on suspended floors and can go in passenger/ goods lifts

 Where can I use a Deskglider™?

 These are examples of where you can use a Deskglider, but there are many more applications.

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  • Airports
  • Aviation Maintenance
  • Ceiling Contractors
  • Chief Engineers
  • Construction
  • Electrical Engineers
  • Electricians
  • Estates Managers
  • Facilities Management
  • Fire Protection
  • Food Production
  • Galleries
  • Historic Buildings
  • Hospitals
  • Hotels
  • HVAC Engineers
  • Hygiene Managers
  • Leisure Industry
  • Lighting Contractors
  • Maintenance Managers
  • Manufacturing
  • Mechanical Engineers
  • Museums
  • Offices
  • Retail Industry
  • Schools & Colleges
  • Serviced Offices
  • Window Access

Deskglider Technical Specifications

Maximum reach height 4.00m
Maximum platform height 2.00m
Outreach 1.30m
Working width 1.10m
Working length 1.44m
Stowed height 1.92m
Stowed length 1.35m
Stowed width 650mm
SWL 150kg
Deskglider weight 90 kg

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