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Great Flexibility and Attractive Funding Option

AJ Access is now offering Zoomlion products with an operating lease option. This is offered at a fixed weekly amount for 3 or 5 years with no deposit or upfront VAT payment, so you could have a ZS1530DC at £35pw for 3 years.

We are offering the lease in Partnership with AngloScottish Asset Finance.

With an operating lease, no initial deposit or VAT payment is required, and the term is arranged for the duration of the lease. This is an ‘off balance sheet’ method of financing, and at the end of the term you simply return the machine. You can then take out a new operating lease on your next brand-new machine.





Initial Investment/No VAT

Fixed Instalments



Residual Risk



No Asset Liability

Buy, Re-rent or Upgrade

Optional SMA for complete peace of mind

Power up your projects with AJ-Lease! We are also offering an SMA package with each lease at an additional £10pw 3 year lease or £15pw for 5 year leases for each machine that is taken on a AJ-lease. T&C’s and SMA packages.

3 Year Lease(Battery Scissors) Weekly Lease Rates

ZS1530DC lease cost added

ZS0407DC (ZS1530DC)

Work Height: 6.5m

Platform Capacity: 240kg

ZS0607ACW (ZS1932ACW)

Work Height: 7.8m

Platform Capacity: 230kg

ZS0608DC £52.50 corner

ZS0608DC (ZS2032DC)

Work Height: 8m

Platform Capacity: 380kg

ZS0808DC (ZS2632DC)

Work Height: 10m

Platform Capacity: 230kg


ZS0812AC (ZS2646AC)

Work Height: 10m

Platform Capacity: 113kg

ZS1012DC (ZS3246DC)

Work Height: 11.8m

Platform Capacity: 350kg

ZS1212DC (ZS4045DC)

Work Height: 13.8m

Platform Capacity: 350kg

ZS1414DC (ZS4555DC)

Work Height: 15.7m

Platform Capacity: 260kg

3 Year Lease (Lithium Scissors) Weekly Lease Rates

ZS0407DC-Li (ZS1530DC-Li)

Work Height: 6.5m

Platform Capacity: 240kg


ZS0607ACW-Li (ZS1932ACW-Li)

Work Height: 7.8m

Platform Capacity: 230kg


ZS0808DC-Li (ZS2632DC-Li)

Work Height: 10m

Platform Capacity: 260kg


ZS1012DC-Li (ZS3246DC-Li)

Work Height: 11.8m

Platform Capacity: 350kg


ZS1212DC-Li (ZS4045DC-Li)

Work Height: 13.80m

Platform Capacity: 350kg

ZS1414DC-Li (ZS4555DC-Li)

Work Height: 15.7m

Platform Capacity: 260kg

5 Year Lease (Articulating Booms) Weekly Lease Rates

ZA10RJE with 120.00 corner


Work Height: 11.55m

Platform Capacity: 230kg

ZA14J £160 corner

ZA14J (ZA45J)

Work Height: 15.80m

Platform Capacity: 300kg

ZA14J-LI £150 corner

ZA14JE-Li (ZA45JE-Li)

Work Height: 16m

Platform Capacity: 230kg 

ZA20J (ZA60J)

Work Height: 21.38m

Platform Capacity: 250kg


Work Height: 21.45m

Platform Capacity: 250kg

ZA24J (ZA80J)

Work Height: 26.5m

Platform Capacity: 250kg

5 Year Lease (Diesel Scissors) Weekly Lease Rates

ZS1623RT £160 corner

 ZS1623RT (ZS5390RT)

Work Height: 18m

Platform Capacity: 680kg

5 Year Lease (Telescopic Booms) Weekly Lease Rates

ZT20J £250 corner

ZT20J (ZT68J)

Work Height: 22.75m

Platform Capacity: 300/454kg

ZT22JE £300 corner


Work Height: 24.4m

Platform Capacity: 300/454kg

ZT26J (ZT88J)

Work Height: 28.20m

Platform Capacity: 300/454kg

ZT26JE £320 corner


Work Height: 28.7m

Platform Capacity: 300/454kg 

Benefits of AJ-Lease:

  • You don’t have to pay a deposit and VAT upfront (usually 10% and 20% respectively), which means an initial outlay of Zero! The VAT is charged on your monthly instalments and can be reclaimed (assuming your business is VAT registered).

  • 100% of the instalments can be offset against taxable profits, this may be more tax efficient for you than purchasing the equipment, although you would need to discuss this with your accountant or tax advisor.

  • The 3-year operating lease is shorter than the useful life of the asset, which means that the instalment payments are likewise reduced. This makes managing cash flow easier when compared to funding the equipment via a Hire Purchase or Finance Lease.

  • The operating lease means that the equipment can remain off the balance sheet and potentially benefit your business ratios/metrics. The contract can potentially be signed off at a lower level (ie managers with an opex limit) vs a capital purchase that could require a director’s signature.

  • As it is an operating lease there is no residual risk to the customer, as this is borne by AJ.

At the end of the lease you can either:

  1. Upgrade or replace your equipment with a new machine
  3. Re-rent the equipment
  5. Purchase the machine from AJ
  7. Return the machine per the signed return condition T&C’s.

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