About Genie

Genie industries was founded in 1966 when Bud Bushnell purchased the manufacturing rights to a material lift that operated on compressed air. In 2002 Terex Corporation purchased Genie and due to the strength and reputation of Terex allowed for Genie machines to be sold worldwide.

In modern day; Genie platforms are used all over the world for several different types of applications, these include: construction, aviation, entertainment and more.

Genie are constantly adapting to stay on top of the industry, they do this by improving their product quality, minimizing waste and listening to customer feedback and providing first class support.

Genie Chery Pickers Products for Sale

  • Scissor lift – Genie Scissor lifts offer rough terrain capabilities making them effective for projects on uneven working sites.
  • Telescopic boom lift – Genie Telescopic boom lifts are designed to with work efficiency in mind and deliver incredible reach height and working accessibility.
  • Articulating boom lift – Genie articulating boom lifts are the ultimate platform for versatility in those hard to access work spaces and have developed a strong popularity for their unique “up-and-over” capabilities to navigate obstacles while at height.
  • Vertical mast lift – Genie mast lifts are ideal for warehouse, logistics and general maintenance projects due to their lightweight nature making them easy to manoeuvre and transport. Each model offers a range of accessories to customize the machine.


AJ Access and Genie Cherry Picker – Working in Partnership

We’re proud to have a close working relationship with Genie, which allows us to provide the best possible customer service to everyone who purchases one of their products. This partnership means we have a great understanding of their equipment and can help with any questions you might have, including stock availability.

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