Genie Introduces the new Lift Guard Contact Alarm System

System alerts when an operator disconnects the breakaway cable located near the platform control panel.

Introducing the first in the next generation of innovative accessories, the new Genie® Lift Guard™ Contact Alarm system offers a contemporary accessory that can, in some circumstances, provide additional operator protection. The Genie Lift Guard Contact Alarm system is engineered as an electronic secondary guarding system, designed to immediately activate and alert others that the operator may need help. This new accessory is configured as a standard accessory on most new Genie Z™ (articulated) and S™ (telescopic) boom lifts. It is active whenever the footswitch on the boom is enabled.

“Genie protective solutions continue to evolve,” says Marie Engstrom, Genie Product Manager, Terex AWP. “Operator safety is a paramount concern for Genie, and we have developed the new Genie Lift Guard Contact Alarm, part of the Genie line of Lift Guard secondary operator protection accessories, with this goal in mind. This new configuration is a significantly different design from its predecessor, the Genie Operator Protective Alarm (the former OPA).”

How does it work? 

The new Genie Lift Guard Contact Alarm system features an activation cable fitted above the boom lift’s platform control panel. When pressure is applied to the cable, it disconnects and activates the system. When the system is activated, all machine lift and drive functions are stopped to prevent additional movement in the platform, as well as an alarm sounds and beacons flash, notifying everyone near the Genie boom lift that the operator may require assistance.

The system is only functional when the footswitch is depressed, and motion does not resume without human intervention. All notifications and function restrictions will continue until the system is reset by simply clicking the activation cable back into place; there is no need to restart the engine or cycle e-stop power to resume machine functionality. The machine can be operated from the ground, if necessary.

A Genie walk-around video is available to view on our YouTube account

Advantages of the Genie system

“We engineered the new Genie Lift Guard Contact Alarm system to be visible from the ground with its bright yellow color. In the platform, it is as unobtrusive for the operator as possible,” adds Engstrom. “It is simple to use, and it is used in conjunction with operator training required by industry standards worldwide that could enhance safe work practices on aerial jobsites.” Boasting a robust configuration with simple parts, the Genie Lift Guard Contact Alarm design provides excellent visibility of the control panel and aerial jobsite for the operator, not interfering with machine operation.

Also, this new design includes an additional free-movement zone between the cable and the control panel that may allow for operator mobility once the system is activated. “Unlike other devices on the market, the Genie Lift Guard Contact Alarm system could reduce the risk of operators applying unintentional contact pressure on the boom’s control panel,” adds Engstrom.

The Genie Lift Guard Contact Alarm system is available installed standard from the factory or as an aftermarket kit, which can easily be installed in less than 30 minutes with only a few fasteners and electrical harness connectors. It fits on platforms in the Genie Z- and S-boom families and can be retrofitted on units back to 2003. This accessory is not yet available on Genie Z-33/18 articulated boom lifts, GR-26J or Genie TZ-34 and TZ-50 trailer-mounted booms.

In addition to this new accessory, Genie continues to offer its operator protective mechanical solution (the former OPS), part of the Genie line of Lift Guard secondary operator protection accessories. Introduced in 2012, this Genie operator protective structure may be attached to boom lifts with 6-ft to 8-ft platforms. The tubular steel structure is designed to transfer the kinetic energy into surrounding structures while maintaining a protected area for the operator in some circumstances. It weighs 36 lb (16 kg) and is bolted directly on the boom lift’s platform — no modifications are needed. The two systems can be used together.

“Genie genuine parts and accessories, including the Genie Lift Guard line of secondary operator protection accessories such as the new Genie Lift Guard Contact Alarm system,” finishes Engstrom, “are specifically designed and tested for our machines. This means these accessories will fit correctly every time and may enhance operators’ safe work at height procedures.”

The Genie Lift Guard Contact Alarm system is now available in North America. It will be available globally in Q2, 2017.

Boom Lifts From AJ Access Platforms Are On Track For The Antarctic

Two boom lifts have been adapted and supplied by AJ Access Platforms to work in one of the world’s most hostile environments.

Two boom lifts have been adapted and supplied by AJ Access Platforms

AJ Access Platforms have fitted snow tracks to the Genie Z60/34 articulating booms so that they can be used in Antarctica to carry out general maintenance and repair work at the British Antarctic Survey Halley V1 Research Station.

Typical winter temperatures are below -20°C with extreme lows of around -55°C, so AJ Access have provided special biodegradable hydraulic oils and batteries for cold weather starting, and British Antarctic Survey engineers have incorporated pre-heating technology. The Genie booms will run on aviation fuel because diesel would freeze in such temperatures.

Antarctic boomsThe two booms are ready to ship
The machines will set sail for the Antarctic on the research ship RRS Ernest Shackleton in October and are due to arrive around Christmas Day. 

There is 24-hour darkness for 105 days of the year and strong winds reduce visibility to just a few metres. The machines will remain outside all the time, so on many occasions the operators will have to chip off large quantities of ice before they can start them.

Conditions, which the Genie booms will endure
Ben Norrish, Vehicles and Plant Manager for the British Antarctic Survey, said: “We need reliable machines that are in good condition because we can only take a limited supply of parts with us and it would be very expensive if we had to have other parts flown out. AJ Access Platforms have supplied boom lifts to us in the past and have a good understanding of our requirements.”The British Antarctic Survey’s state-of-the-art research facility is made up of eight modules, each sitting on ski-fitted, hydraulic legs. These can be individually raised to overcome snow accumulation and each module towed independently to a new location.

The central module contains the communal areas for dining, relaxation etc, while the other modules provide accommodation, laboratories, offices, generators, an observation platform and many other facilities.

Halley V1 AntarcticaThe Halley VI Research Station sits on the same UHMW polyethylene outrigger mats that are widely used in the crane and lift industry

Mega Order For Holland Lift From AJ Access Platforms

One of the largest orders ever totalling nearly €4 million has been placed this week by AJ Access Platforms with Holland Lift for deliveries through 2016 and into 2017.

The order is for a mix of 30 diesel machines of 22 and 27 metres working heights. The models involved are the HL-220 D25 and HL-275 D27 4-wheel drive machines with oscillating axles, slide out decks, drive at full height options, auto levelling and Auto Lube lubrication system.

The orders have been placed due to increasing demand in the United Kingdom for these Holland Lift products.

AJ Access will be joining Holland Lift for the Bauma exhibition in Munich during April and also supporting Holland Lift at the IAPAs in Madrid in March at the annual IPAF conference.

Another UK first for AJ Access Platforms, Holland Lift & Mainline

Richard Onslow (AJ Access UK Sales Manager) and Olly Maciver (AJ Access Service Manager) handed over the first Hybrid Holland Lift M250 in the UK to Mainline. The machine arrived on Monday 16th of February.

The Holland Lift Combistar M250 has a maximum working height of 27m and a cage capacity of 1000kg (4 pers. + 680kg) and total weight of 21,910kg. It is capable of working in temperatures down to -15C and can be used for indoor and outdoor applications. It has 4 wheel drive capability, expansive deck and extendable jacks. Safety features such a scissor skirt, drive alarm and emergency descent give user’s peace of mind.

This versatile platform can be used for civil, electrical and mechanical engineering, property work such as steel erection, cladding, roofing, redevelopment and maintenance.

To view a diesel option of the Holland Lift Combistar M250 click here!

AJ Access are the authorised UK and Ireland dealership for Holland Lift, please visit Out Holland Lift Page for more details and available machines.

AJ Access Platforms Appoints Sales Director

In a move that highlights its continued expansion, AJ Access Platforms has appointed Richard Onslow as Sales Director.

Richard, who was previously UK Sales Manager for five years with the company, has 19 years’ experience in the powered access industry.

In a move that highlights its continued expansion, AJ Access Platforms has appointed Richard Onslow as Sales Director.

Operating from Caldicot in South Wales, AJ Access Platforms sells new and used powered access machines throughout the world and also provides service and maintenance, as well as industry training.

Richard said: “I am taking up my new position at a time of exciting growth for the company. We have made substantial investments in stock and are now carrying 50% more machines than ever before to meet an increasing demand, particularly for used machines.“

“Our lead times for used machine deliveries in the UK are industry leading at an average of three to four weeks, and we are working with various manufacturers to provide faster delivery on new machines by having them in stock,” he added.

AJ Access Platforms Managing Director Tony Mort said he was delighted to welcome Richard to the AJ Board. He added: “It is an exciting time in the company’s development and we look forward to the contribution Richard can bring to us during a period of expansion, both in terms of existing used and new product lines. We are focused on giving our customers a better and improving service, both in terms of quality and delivery times. We would like to thank our many loyal customers who have remained with us throughout our 25 years of being in business.”

Brand New Genie ZX 135-70 assists in the building at London Gateway UK

A new Genie ZX 135-70 high reach articulating booms has been used to help optimise up-time at London Gateway UK, providing assistance for the maintenance of the 24 operating cranes at the London Gateway site.

This new Genie machine provides exceptional up and over clearance as well as having a horizontal rotation of 160 degrees, vertical rotation of 110 degrees and a horizontal reach of 21.3m which was perfect for the job. This access platform moves easily amongst the gantry cranes due to its manoeuvrability. The machines proportional controls provide smooth precision, with 3 workers operating the machine (227kg cage capacity) to complete the job quickly and efficiently.

Genie GS- 4047 Scissor lift reaches 1,000 unit production milestone

Grantham, UK – 30th October 2013 – Terex Aerial Work Platforms (AWP), a business segment of Terex Corporation (NYSE:TEX), is proud to announce that the company’s Coventry-based production facility in England recently rolled out the 1,000th unit of its compact Genie© GS™-4047 self-propelled electric scissor lift model.

The success of the GS-4047 self-propelled electric scissor lift is a perfect example of our company strategy based on paying attention to the market and creating products focused on customers’ needs.

Designed and built in Europe, to suit the needs of European customers, the GS-4047 reaches a height of almost 14 metres and is the largest in the Genie© self-propelled slab scissor lift range produced in Coventry.

“The success of the GS-4047 self-propelled electric scissor lift is a perfect example of our company strategy based on paying attention to the market and creating products focused on customers’ needs. Today, more than 40 percent of the equipment produced for our customers in Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Russia (EMEAR) is manufactured within the EMEAR region , and we plan to increase this number in the foreseeable future,” says Joe George, Vice President and Managing Director EMEAR, Terex AWP. “Both designed and produced in Europe, for Europe, the GS-4047 scissor lift is a compact machine combining the benefits of increased working height with powerful lift capabilities for indoor applications in confined spaces. High demand from European customers for this particular model illustrates the success of our company’s local market responsiveness and desire to produce quality products intended for customers across EMEAR.”

The process began when Terex Construction and Terex AWP partnered in 2008, seeking to combine the advantages of greater operational efficiency from a single facility in the United Kingdom, with faster lead times to customers in the robust European market for aerial work platforms. The Coventry plant’s production line was fully developed and tested at Terex AWP’s main facility in Redmond, Washington before being implemented. The initial Genie© models to be produced at the plant were the popular Genie© mini electric GS™-1532 and GS™-1932 scissor lift models, also known as “slab scissors”. Production of the GS™-4047 self-propelled electric scissor lift started at the plant in April 2012.

“Joining the resources of two business segments while utilizing the latest Terex Business System has worked extremely well. The Genie GS-4047 lift is a niche model, and reaching 1,000 units in less than eighteen months is a result that speaks for itself,” says Neal Nowick, General Manager & Operations, Terex Compact UK, Coventry.

Since January this year, Terex AWP has integrated further changes into the products manufactured at the Coventry factory to include a new state-of-the-art paint process. While helping to increase machine life and making the popular Genie blue colour stay smarter for longer, the new environmentally-friendly paint process also provides the advantages of a fast custom paint service for customers who wish to utilize their own company colour specifications.

The Terex Coventry plant currently produces ten models of the Genie scissor lift range, including the Genie GS™-1530, -1532, -1930, -1932, -2032, -2046, -2632, -2646, -3246 and GS™-4047 electric scissor lift models.

About the Genie© GS™-4047 self-propelled electric scissor lift

Well-matched to provide the lifting height and power customers need to work efficiently in confined indoor jobsites, the compact and powerful Genie GS-4047 self-propelled electric scissor lift combines zero inside turning radius with the ability to lift up to 350 kg (770 lbs) to a maximum platform height of 11.75 m (40ft) in just 70 seconds . Offering 25 percent gradeability to access loading ramps easily, plus two lift and drive speeds, its Smartlink™ control system simplifies both operation and maintenance. Featuring the comfort of a 1.15 m (3ft 9in) wide platform and extendable deck from 2.26 to 3.18 m (7ft 5in to 10ft 5in), the GS-4047 self-propelled electric scissor lift provides sufficient workspace for up to three workers. Maximum drive speeds range from 3.1 km/h (1.9 mph) in stowed position, to 0.8 km/h (0.5 mph) in raised position.

About Terex

Terex Corporation is a diversified global manufacturer of a broad range of equipment that is focused on delivering reliable, customer-driven solutions for many applications, including the construction, infrastructure, quarrying, mining, shipping, transportation, refining, energy, utility and manufacturing industries. Terex reports in five business segments: Aerial Work Platforms; Construction; Cranes; Material Handling & Port Solutions; and Materials Processing. Terex offers financial products and services to assist in the acquisition of equipment through Terex Financial Services.  More information can be found at

100% Finance Now Available on Used Stock

AJ Access Platforms are pleased to announce that we are now able to offer 100% finance on all used stock up to 10 years of age.*

For full details of our finance packages please call us on +44(0)1291 421155 or email us at

Our extensive range of used and new Access Platforms are available Serviced, Tested & Inspected with a New LOLER Certificate – equipment is available for immediate delivery.

For full details of our stock (with photographs of each machine) please use the search options on our Used Access Platforms page, or download our latest stock list.

*Finance Applications are Subject to Status

New Indoor Training Facility

AJ Access has fully refurbished the premises in Caldicot, South Wales – close to the Severn Bridge – and converted them into a new dedicated IPAF/PASMA training centre, complete with an indoor area for practical, hands-on training.

On-site Facilities also include; ample parking, catering facilities, two fully equipped training rooms, together with a conference room.

Senior Training Instructor Lee Simmonds, who is also serves as the IPAF CAP committee chairman, said: “This facility enables us to offer an improved level of training, especially when the adverse weather conditions start to take over as they do now in the winter months. The facility has already proved very popular with delegates who traditionally have to brave the elements with most training taking place outdoors.”

“We can offer all IPAF courses; 1a, 3a, 1b, 3b, harness, mewps for managers and thorough examination CAP card in addition to; PASMA, tower, low level access, First Aid and many other courses.”

“This new centre and investment demonstrates the professional levels of commitment, not only to training, but also to sales and maintenance of access platforms. We are now able to guarantee no cancelled courses and a comfortable facility in which delegates will be trained to the highest standards.”

AJ Access is focusing on its used equipment sales and training operation, and is now one of the largest non-rental IPAF training companies in the UK.

Contact our Training Department on to book your course.

Thank you for your enquiry, we will get back to you shortly.

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