Thinking of buying a Cherry Picker? Here’s what you need to know.

1. Why buy a cherry picker?

If you or your employees are constantly working at height using a ladder,  aluminium towers or any other climbing equipment and you wish to make your job more efficient and safer, then you may need to seriously consider buying a cherry picker. 

Or are you constantly hiring the same or similar aerial platforms for various jobs? It might save more time and money in the future to have one on site at your convenience. 


2. Buy a new or used cherry picker?

new cherry picker comes with a warranty and is likely to be in excellent condition (as it is brand new) and should last longer if well looked after and maintained. For more information on daily maintenance checks please see  

On the other hand, buying a used cherry picker, would still be a good investment if you are working on a budget and would outweigh the hire cost over a certain timeframe if the aerial platforms are needed for a specific project or task for instance.

When it comes to buying a cherry picker, you should always consider what the main reason is for needing the cherry picker and how long you are likely to use it and then weigh up the pros and cons. 


3. How do I maintain my cherry picker once I have purchased it?

With AJ Access, you can take the hassle out of looking after the maintenance side of things by taking out our Service and Maintenance Agreement (SMA) at the point of purchase – that way, you can get peace of mind you are legally compliant.


4. What should I look for when buying a used cherry picker?

1. Inspect the Exterior for Damage

It is important to physically inspect the entire machine and identify any damages. 

2. Check the VIN Number for Truck Mounts

It is important to check the vehicle identification number (VIN) when buying a used truck mounted cherry pickers for instance. You will find this VIN number stamped on the truck’s chassis and it should also match the one on the vehicle registration documents. Be sure to obtain a VIN check report before purchasing

3. Check the Serial Number for MEWPS

It is important to check the serial number when buying a used MEWP for instance. You will find this serial number stamped on metal plate on the MEWP.

4. Check the Basket and Boom Lift

The boom lift is the elevated work platform that allows the workers to reach high places. The hydraulic hoses and fittings should be checked for leaks. We professionally inspect the machines to ensure all are in safe, correct working order.   


5. Where to buy a cherry picker?

Look for a reputable seller (such as ourselves) as cherry pickers, by the very nature of the job they perform, are potentially high-risk machines to own. We are happy to show you around our fleet and videos of our machines are available to view on our YouTube channel


6. Do we ship overseas?

Yes we do deliver machines within the UK and overseas and, thanks to our contacts in the shipping industry, we will be able to put you in touch with a suitable shipping agent who can help you arrange safe transport of your machine.


7. How much do cherry pickers cost?

We have a range of powered access platforms to purchase for all budgets ranging from a couple of thousand pounds upwards. Get in touch today via our contact us form to discuss your requirements. 

Thank you for your enquiry, we will get back to you shortly.

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